I appreciate you taking the time to assist with my book. Do not feel pressured to answer all of the questions, but the more info I gather the better. Please note that portions of your responses may appear in a book offered to the public. The goal of the book will be to share the great experiences the world of Role Playing has given all of us. Copy the survey and respond to:



  1. First name:

  2. Age:

  3. Identify as:

  4. Race:

  5. Are you part of marginalized group?

  6. What age were you when you first played an RPG?

  7. What was your first RPG that you played?

  8. What led you to playing for this first time?

  9. What is your favorite aspect of role-playing?

  10. Favorite character and why?

  11. Memorable character death? Did it affect you?

  12. Favorite campaign memory?

  13. Has playing RPGS led to friendships?

  14. Have you made a love connection by playing RPGs?

  15. Has RPGs taught you anything or helped deal with an issue?

  16. Great experiences with DMs? What did this DM do that was special?

  17. Have you played with another player that you admired? What did they do differently?

  18. Have you played with a player or DM where the group didn't work out? Why?

  19. What is one thing that annoys you when you play?

  20. What do you think is a misconception of role players?

  21. What have you learned over time that you wish you knew when you first started?

  22. What would your pitch be to someone thinking of getting into the hobby?

  23. Advice you would give a new Player?

  24. Advice you would give new a DM?

  25. What are the top 5 RPGS you would recommend? Why?

Robert BRewer

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