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The Lost Skull

If you have been captivated by armchair treasure hunts such as The Secret and The Masquerade then you will love The Lost Skull.                                                          Immerse yourself in the puzzles of The Lost Skull; a richly illustrated 'armchair treasure hunt' book that will take you on a sci-fi adventure through time and space.    Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles and decode the coordinates to the treasure?                          Grand Prize: Find the buried treasure and follow the directions to receive a finely sculpted Picasso Jasper marble skull and $1,000.                                          Runner up: The first person to send photos of themselves at all of the ten locations to will collect $500.                                                                            Champions: After the runner up has been crowned, every additional hunter that sends photos of themselves at all ten locations will receive a numbered skull collectible. 

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Branches: Horror Anthology

Humans have always had a fear of the woods. I wanted to explore that theme in a Graphic Novel format. I wrote 10 modern horror tales and joined forces with amazing artists from around the world. 


Peaches -Art by Helena Masellis

Gifts -Art by Mark Molchan

Broken Silence -Art by Danny Jiménez

Doughboy -Art by Brew

The Hidden -Art by Adam Jakes Lettering: Ken Reynolds Cabin -Art by Brew

Despair -Art by Julian Payne

Sea of Trees -Art by Brew

The Lost Cave -Art by Dean Beattie                                      

Black Tree -Art by Brew

Available soon at Amazon
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The Hunger

Whenever you watch a horror movie do you say "I wouldn't do that." or "Don't open that door!" or "don't undress and then go walk in the woods!"... well, now is your chance to see if you really would make the right decisions. In this choose your own destiny book you are caught in a zombie outbreak and have to travel from your apartment to the center of the city for the military evacuation. Will you make the right choices when the pressure is on? 

Available soon at Amazon
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