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Salt is a complete, challenging  full color 34 page Sci-Fi Horror adventure module compatible with the ENnie award winning Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG by Tuesday Knight Games.


The story begins as the player’s ship is damaged/sabotaged and is forced to land on a nearby ocean based planet. There is a brief moment of joy for the crew as they find themselves in a paradise-like, tranquil setting. The peace does not last long as the  ocean unleashes a devastating Tsunami. The race is on...


The crew has to gain access to an unmarked research facility, make their way through the compound while solving the mystery of what happened to the researchers, escaping from several terrifying, deadly creatures, enemy NPCs, all while trying to avoid drowning in the flooding base.


The key to any suspenseful horror game is the ever decreasing odds of survival. Do your players have what it takes to survive?


SALT is a full color 34 page Sci-Fi Horror survival module (8"x10"). Little prep time is needed to run this fast paced one-shot module. Perfect for first time or experienced Wardens. 


- Easy to follow layout, includes full room descriptions, provides descriptive text to read, warden information and tips for every room.

- Handouts that are given to specific players to create additional tension between players and promote dynamic role playing

- Three brand new horrific creatures

- A non-creature threat that is just as deadly and adds a time element to the game.

- Seven NPCs to interact with. Each with stats, backgrounds and motives.

- A map of the unregistered research facility.

- Thirteen new weapons. A lot of Sci-Fi horror games rely on avoiding the threat, but when it does come time to fight.. you might as well have the high-tech upper hand.

- A reference section with creature, weapon and NPC stats.

- Additional hooks for once the adventure is completed.


This adventure has many challenges for the players to overcome: A race against the clock, several terrifying creatures, enemy NPCs, puzzles, mysteries, internal conflict… and the biggest challenge is the fear of not surviving.


Mothership is a sci-fi horror role playing game that places a huge emphasis on being easy to run but difficult to beat. It uses a simple d100 roll-under system similar to Call of Cthulhu. It is incredibly easy to hack to meet your table's needs (increasing and decreasing the difficulty as necessary to create a fun and challenging time. More info here.

Yes. Although I suggest Mothership, with a few tweaks of the stats and the inclusion of stress roles, this module can easily be used with any space RPG: Traveler, Stars Without Numbers, Starfinder, Eclipse Phase, Savage Worlds, and even Star Wars.

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