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The Lost Skull: Orion

An Armchair Treasure Hunt
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The Lost Skull: Orion

All of the treasure hunters in the galaxy are searching for the famed Lost Skull of Orion. You can join the hunt by solving ten clues that will reveal the coordinates to the treasure.

Grand Prize: Find the buried treasure and follow the directions to receive a finely sculpted Picasso Jasper marble skull and $1,000 USD cash.   


Runner up: The first person to send photos of themselves at all of the ten locations will collect $500 USD. 


Champions: After the runner up has been crowned, every additional hunter that sends photos of themselves at all ten locations will receive a numbered skull collectible. 

The first and second place prizes have been won. 

Grand Prize winners: Nick Spera & Robert Jenner 2/1/2020

Runner Up: Tray Fitzgerald

Champions: Beth Hovanec

Brian Poeppelman

Bill Gardner

Tina Jones


Even though the main prizes have been won, I designed my hunt so it can still be enjoyed by being able to solve the puzzles and visit the locations and see the images and clues come to life. I think this hunt can be a good introduction to new hunters and even a family activity. Enjoy

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